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We have masks from all over the tropical world.  Scary, funny, beautiful.  Sure to ward off evil spirits from your home.  Some are also wearable art.  Please enjoy our offerings.
In Bali, masks are considered
sacred objects, and are revered as such. I Ketut Wirta masterfully
creates most these wonderful wall hangings to be hung in the home, temples
and other buildings to provide protection from evil intruders. The best
ones are traditionally carved on holy days.
These unique masks will bring good luck in any home!!! As you can see from the pictures below these masks are hand crafted and hand painted . GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE. They make an incredible wall hanging in any part of your home.

Mystical Mask - Item #003A -003D
Item #003A - 8"    $15.95 each
  Item #003B - 10"  $20.98 each
  Item #003C - 16"  $29.95 each


Smiley Mask-Item #0005 20"       
$24.95 each     

Blue Three Gecko Item# 0106 20"
   $29.95 ea

Natural Gecko item # 0107 20"  $29.95  

                          Blue w/ green gecko
                                  Item #1010 20"
                                  $29.95 ea

More Masks



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