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These beautiful woodcarvings are from a small village in Central Bali, Indonesia. The wood carver creates this piece for use in ceremonies. Each dragon is carved from a solid piece of Suar wood (similar to Koa) or ebony found near the village. This artistic skill is a tradition that has been passed down for hundreds of years in this family. In a recent trip to Bali, my wife and I visited this wood carver and his family. We could not believe the intricate detail of each piece. You can see from the picture below just how artistic these people are. A digital picture hardly does it justice. Each dragon is carved by hand with primitive tools. No other tools are used except a sharpening stone. Each piece is from the heart, no pattern is used. You have to admire their artistic abilities. I watched them carve for a while when I was there. It's amazing, I've never seen anything like it in my life. I bought back a few pieces to share with the rest of the world. We know you will enjoy the feeling you get from this piece. GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE. They make an incredible coffee table addition. 
Garuda Dragon Item # 12001                  Winged dragon Item # 12004
       8" high $39.95 each                   10" high   $49.95 each also 8" $39.95 each

Dragon Item # 12002
8" high $39.95 each 10" $49.95 each

Dragon Item # 12003
10" high $29.95 each

Below is a picture of a coconut hollowed out, polished and carved with precise care into a story of nature and Balinese culture. It's amazing. The picture can't begin to do it justice. You won't believe the incredible artistic capabilities the people from this small village in Central Bali have until you have one yourself. It's a beautiful piece of art work and an incredible conversation piece. I showed one to my friends and we all wonder how the carver does it. Some of the cuts are 1/8" or less. This piece is all hand carved and finished. No tools other than a knife and sharpening stone were used. I watched them work for a little while. You have to admire there artistic abilities. They make most of these carving as an offering to their Gods. I've never seen anything like it in my life. I brought back a few to share with the rest of the world. Hope you enjoy. Carving is about 6 to 7 inch in diameter. IT'S A GREAT GIFT. WE ACCEPT PAYPAL.


Coconut Whale Item # 12004
6" dia.  $49.95 each

Coconut Fish Item # 12005
6" dia.  $49.95 each

Each one is unique and the one in the picture might be out of stock. Check with me to see if it's still available. If it isn't,  I have others, I'll send you a picture of it.

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