And where would we be in the tropics without coconut?  These beautiful trees that can withstand powerful winds provide many things to Islanders.  The coconuts themselves can drift for thousands of miles on the ocean waves before finding a small piece of land where it will finally sprout and produce another tree.  Coconut has been a very important part of subsistence for many people throughout the tropics.  Her are some whimsical, practical, and beautiful ways that we have found to use the empty shell.  Have fun with this!

Bird Feeder #0016                            Bird House #0017
$9.98 each                                     $9.98 each

Bird House Chimes Item # 00014   Twig & Shell Chimes Item # 00015
         $12.95 each                                        $12.95 each

        Bird House Chimes # 0135
                    $12.95 each